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April 19, 2011

I determinded a long time ago whatever I seem to start talking about (In this case the Dark Knight avenger, which come to think about it, is how most of my conversations start.) the conversation inevitably ends up on film. The Siskel to my Ebert, Logan Myers, always has something interesting to retort. I don’t know that the two of us have ever agreed on a film in total, which I suppose is what the spice of a good film conversation is made of.
Adam Cravens via Screen Rant
Hopefully Frank Miller from 2011 will have nothing to do with this. 1987 Frank Miller, sure. I’d even accept Frank Miller, screenwriter of RoboCop 3. Unrelated fun fact, RoboCop is the coolest thing Detroit ever produced.

Recent reports indicate that Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ is being developed as a DC Universe direct to DVD animated feature. Is the gritty tale of an aging Batman suited for cartoon form?

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    • Logan Myers Too bad Darren didn’t get to direct the robocop reboot…I guess
      wolverine had a bigger paycheck(so strange) 😦 Also, did you know that Cronernerg was going to direct robocop and total recall? I love those movies just the way they are, but Cronenberg would have just destroyed our brains.

      April 15 at 1:23pm · 
    • Adam Cravens I always thought him directing Wolverine seemed out of place, I was just kinda waiting to see the other shoe drop. I think he’s an excellent director, but I don’t know that I’d call him mainstream. Veerhoven did some excellent stuff back in the day…and then Showgirls.

      Saturday at 4:12am · 
    • Logan Myers Darren is amazing and I think he is just trying to do what Nolan did…stop making good original films and make good superhero movies.

      Saturday at 4:14am · 
    • Adam Cravens

      Someone needs to make good superhero movies Logan. As Tim Story and anyone who has directed any film with Punisher in the title knows, these films aren’t going to produce themselves. And Chris Nolan can make roughly any film he wants to right now. Did you read the synopsis for Inception? If that man didn’t have one of the few films that has made over a billion dollars under his belt (and likely the promise of make Dark Knight Rises) that film would have never gotten past the “I have an interesting idea for a movie” phase. Unusual and talented filmmakers often have difficulty in the beginning of their careers, more often than not, because what they’re doing isn’t easily categorized or predictable. Studio’s want to do things with the largest chance of succeeding, not the largest artistic merit. If they were guaranteed that Clint Eastwood doing a gritty re imagining of the Golden Girls using only the technology and sets available from the movies Mars Needs Moms and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey would be a hit, you would see a starting date tomorrow. I love a good independent, thought provoking film as much as you do,(maybe not as much as you do) put I also like seeing talented filmmakers (like Nolan) being given the money to do interesting, thought provoking, or just entertaining films than giving McG the authority to do anything.
      Sunday at 6:39am · 
    • Logan Myers

      I don’t have much time to discuss this right now, but I have no respect for movies that are given the green light because they will make money( I am just sick of watching mindless junk) and it’s great Nolan can give his idea’s a bigger budgets because of becoming very well none with batman, but hated inception(Nolan’s worst film in my opinion) and Nolan made much more thought provoking movies with under 500,000 dollars before Dark Night. I just don’t find superhero movies though provoking in the least and they are always just green lit because they can cross sell a thousand other items and such with them. My two cents.
      Sunday at 12:15pm · 
    • Adam Cravens

      I don’t disagree with you about films being given the greenlight because of the amount of money they will make or the amount of lunch boxes (Do kids still use lunch boxes, or has does the Ipod take care of that now?) Unfortunately, being a business, they have to make money. It’s the nature of the beast. How many King’s Speech T-shirts have you bought? Did you get the Schindler’s List action figures? What about the There will be Blood video game? If they have to make 10 Big Momma’s Houses so that I can get my art, I think it’s a fair trade. Unless you want to personally finance every movie you want to see. That would get expensive…almost immediately. Sometime’s art and profitability do match up (Lord of the Rings, off the top of my head) but for the most part it seems to be one or the other. It will either be Transformers or probably something that Miramax produced. (or used to.)
      Sunday at 2:15pm · 

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