Geek Chic: Ben Stiller: Comedy’s Antichrist?

May 2, 2011

I hate to break this to you. Ben Stiller isn’t funny.

Case in point.

Not as an actor at least. I like his directorial work on The Cable Guy (A film that apparently only I and a few other find funny.) Tropic Thunder I found funny except whenever he spoke. RDJ was inspired and the waning Jack Black inspired more than a few laughs for me. I think it’s because he looks like he’s trying to hard. When Vince Vaughn hits me with a joke, it’s as natural as Clapton on a guitar or Nicolas Cage sucking a@@.

I've always assumed this was some sort of punk on Alfred Hitchcock and the memory of the original.

Ben Stiller seems like that kid that wanted to be the class clown, but just wasn’t naturally funny. Dodgeball and There’s Something About Mary are funny in spite of him but not because of him.

You've got spunk kid...

And Starsky and Hutch is just a mess. I don’t know if they’re trying to insult the series or just make a humorless comedy.(I never rewatched it to try and find out.) I have yet to watch the original Night at the Museum for fear that it will make me respect Dick Van Dyke and Robin Williams less. (Robin Williams used to be one of the funniest men alive…now…well, you saw RV didn’t you?)

This film will be going straight to video. The joke seems to be on him not from him.

And Meet the Parents just felt like exercise to me. I dig DeNiro. He was the straight man and he held his end up. Jay Roach, the director, also knows how to direct a good comedy but if you aren’t funny to begin, the sculptor does have to have some clay. As far as Meet the Little Fockers is concerned, I really couldn’t give a fock. If you like him, don’t let me get in your way. Him and Vin Diesel have to put food on their plates just the same as the rest of us. Just don’t invite me over for the DVD. I’ll pass and watch a good movie instead.

Pictured: Funny Movie.


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