Geek Chic: Nerd Fest 2011 Part II

June 3, 2011

Adam Cravens
Do you think Captain America knows its the 3rd most relevant superhero film this summer? Wait. Green Lantern. Do you think Captain America knows its the 4th most relevant superhero film this summer?

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    • Jonathan Danley I assume the first 2 are Thor and First Class?

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    • Kevin Rothacker I really hope Green Lantern turns out to be good. When I watch the trailer I feel like the movie is gonna dissapoint me

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    • Adam Cravens

      Martin Campbell has rebooted James Bond twice (Goldeneye and Casino Royale) and was responsible for The Mask of Zorro (another successful reboot of an aging property.) He also did Edge of Darkness w/ Mel Gibson that was interestingly enough a remake of the 1985 BBC miniseries that was directed by him. I think Captain America is going to end up disappointing alot of people. Green Lantern has cast and crew with a ton of experience and creditability. Not to mention Ryan Reynolds charisma (and abs). For the same reason that Iron Man was so successful (RDJ was the cake and the flying robot suit that shot things was just the icing.) Casting Ryan Reynolds as a cocky, womanizing rebel who can quip toe-to-toe with Brian Micheal Bendis Spider-Man? I think so. I liked Chris Hemsworth as Thor. I loved RDJ as Iron Man. The only piece of casting that might have been better was Christopher Reeve as Superman or Patrick Stewart as Prof. X. Okay, I’m about to bury the needle on the geekometer so I’ll stop. But yeah, I think Lantern is going to surprise some people and that Captain America is going to end up in the same realm as The Incredible Hulk did. I’m also a DC fanboy. Take that for what you will.
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    • Joshua Frizzell So help me, if Green Lantern is bad I don’t know what I will do…..

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    • Adam Cravens I will walk out of the theatre, after it is over, and complain about it on the internet and to my friends for the next ten years.

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    • Kevin Rothacker

      Casting Ryan Reynolds wasn’t surprising because he is a fantastic actor and I can picture him as the Green Lantern, but I’m not sure about the movie. I will see it as soon as possible and I hope I’m wrong (The Green Lantern and The Flash a…See More
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    • Adam Cravens I just can’t see Chris Evans telling Thor or Iron Man what to do. Or RDJ for that matter.And they should have let Goyer get to make his Flash movie with Reynolds. Nathan Fillion should have been Lantern. And if Deadpool (w/ Reynolds.) ever happens, I would watch that in a heart beat. Joss Whedon directing Avengers is inspired though.

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    • Kevin Rothacker Exactally. And Chris Evans is the Torch (They will never mix, but you still can’t play two characters in the same universe). Nathan Fillion would have been interesting

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    • Kevin Rothacker As Green Lantern. If they make a Deadpool movie then I will quit my job to go see it. Joss Whedon is an amazing writer and I’m very excited to see what he does with the plot.

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    • Joshua Frizzell Agreed Adam, we will go forth and complain to all of the interwebs.

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    • Adam Cravens My tweets shall be swift. My statuses merciless. In darkest day, in brightest night no film shall escape Nerd Lanterns light.

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    • Travis L Flatt I won’t lie and said I’ve read all the above (yet) but the opinion of a dude who loves movies, and used to read comics: First Class looks pretty great, Capt looks watchable, and Thor and Green Lantern look cheezy/campy and too esoteric for non-comic dudes, especially the latter. (And, I think the concept of Thor with his lightning hammer doesn’t work in live action, sorry)

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    • Jonathan Danley It was actually pretty good.

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    • Travis L Flatt Will rent it. I don’t go to the theatre that often these days, but lemme qualify this by saying: I didn’t like the Iron Man or most of the X-Men and Spiderman franchises. And for a dude like me, Thor and Green Lantern are just too much, and First Class is the only movie mentioned in this thread that really excites me at all. I’m not tryin to hate.

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    • Adam Cravens Not at all dude. Few things entertain me more than a good nerd debate. As long as we all agree that Liefeld is terrible.

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    • ReuBen DeBord First Class is the only I’ll be seeing in theaters.

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    • Adam Cravens

      I went through my entire childhood with the terrible marvel made for TV adaptations. We got 2 good superman movies and 2 good Batman movies. It had to last us twenty years. Now were deciding the ones well see in theatres. Do you know how many times I’ve watched Superman IV? I dont . Its been that many. As long as they make less Fantastic Fours and Punishers (any of them, they were all terrible.) I will be there date and day with athletic fit superman tshirt ( seriously how cruel is it to make tshirts in athletic fit for a demographic that traditionally battles with weight issues?)
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    • ReuBen DeBord

      I’m on the other side of that line of thinking. I can’t explain it, but i just feel like we are inundated with so many comic movies that it’s hard for me to care when one comes out, because another one will be out in another month. I grew up on the Burton Shumacher Batman movies, and i still remember when one comic book movie came out per year instead of 5. But i’m not disapointed that we’re getting so many. I just won’t see them all. I never cared about Green Lantern (within the GL franchise i like Kyle Rayner and John Stewart, in the context of the JLA), Ryan Reynolds, or Hal Jordan. So there’s no reason for me to see it. Likewise i’ve just never had any love for Thor, despite giving it numerous chances over the last few years.
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    • Jonathan Danley I think we’re inundated by comic book movies because there’s Damn all originality left in hollywood.

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