Geek Chic: Nerd Fest Part III: The Nerdining

June 6, 2011

Watch as I singlehandedly throw nerd fuel the geek fires.


Adam Cravens
You kind of bored me, Hangover Part II. I hope the the Aircraft Carriers full of money you are making will console you. (Hangover II shrugs and nods.)

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    • Alexander Mattingly I heard it was a let down. Nothing but the same old jokes in a new movie.

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    • Adam Cravens The Letdown would have been a more appropriate name. Comedies just have a hard time doing good sequels.

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    • Victor Hugo Gernt III Again, I disagree. Thought it was great.

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    • Jonathan Wray The Hangover 2: Same jokes, different country .. This should’ve been the tagline

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    • Victor Hugo Gernt III What exactly were you guys expecting? The trailers were all clear on what it was going to be. It is the same movie in the way that Back to the Future III is the exact same movie as Back to the future. Doesn’t make any less entertaining. We aren’t dealing with the Godfather, here.

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    • Adam Cravens

      You’ve gotten soft in your old age, Vic. I’ve criticized Back to the Future Part III for the same reasons I’ve criticized Hangover Part II. I think you’re being way too generous calling it great. Allan was misguided but lovable in the first one. I still found myself rooting for him. In this one, he was just kind of a jerk. I did still like Bradley Cooper in the movie, I just thought the writing was lazy and Todd Philips kind of phoned it in. Remember the scene in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back where Gus Van Sant is counting the money for Good Will Hunting II? That’s much how I envisioned this movie going. And Back to the Future Part III told some new jokes. I didn’t like Hangover II for the same reasons that I didn’t like Goldmember. The just took the plot from the second film and set it in the 70s. The proceed to tell all the jokes from the 1st and 2nd film and fill some time with Mike Myers eating some of his skin. Ghostbusters II is another film that uses a heavy amount of structure from the first film. But it’s almost as quotable as the first. It isn’t as good, but it also has to compare to the first. If I had of seen some more original jokes and less rehash I could have forgiven the plot recycling. When I see a Todd Phillips movie, I expect to laugh. If I wanted to be bored by tired plot devices and start staring at ceiling tiles I’ll go watch something with Madea in the title. I still love you though, puddin’.
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    • Victor Hugo Gernt III

      new jokes were told. New quotable lines were there. It was formulaic, but it recognized that. There were meta jokes about it being the exact same plot. It wasn’t meant to create a new world or be a departure from the first movie. The characters were just as lovable and I enjoyed the time I spent in the theater. I wasn’t bored at all. I was engaged. You call me soft, but you like Airforce One, which is just a bad rehash of die hard (or Passenger 51, if you want to put it on a plane). You recognize that movie for being “fun” but trash the Hangover. You may hold the first movie in too high a regard and are suffering from a let down. I don’t know, but I am questioning your judgment this summer. You said Thor was a good movie and that was a crapfest. Love you too, sugar.
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    • Logan Myers Victor the point being it was unnecessary and only made to cash in.

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    • Victor Hugo Gernt III Heaven forbid movies make money. It also has an A- score from viewers.

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    • Victor Hugo Gernt III Passenger 57*. my apologies to Wesley Snipes.

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    • Jonathan Wray I need more popcorn

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    • Logan Myers Well would you rather have a cash in sequel or something fresh? I personal don’t like any sequel that is a rehash. Which in the movie world is very rare as at that point it’s a franchise.

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    • Victor Hugo Gernt III Well, that is a bit of a different conversation. Do I have to pick just one? I think there is a place for both. Comedy sequels are almost always a rehash. Men in Black, Ghostbusters, Home Alone, Harold and Kumar, Major League, etc. are all rehashes. If the movie makes me laugh (again, Hangover II made me laugh) I am going to enjoy it if it is a rehash or not.

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    • Adam Cravens

      Wesley Snipes isn’t reading this. I don’t think you get to use facebook in tax jail. And I have no issue with profitability. Its more often than not what let’s those arthouse pictures or films with less mass appeal get made. And you should be more respectful of what President Ford did to try to stop russian Sirius Black from stealing planes in the future. I may have held its standard alittle bit too high. But what’s wrong in expecting so much from a movie series that I initially held in such high regard because of how original and funny it felt. I was in the floor with the original. And like I said, I didn’t hate this movie. I hated Transformers 2, and I am a major fan of some Micheal Bay fluff. And may you should take an Odinnap before you see Thor again. You should brace yourself for Captain America. As the aforementioned President Indiana Ford once said “I have a bad feeling about this.”
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    • Logan Myers ALiens 2, Terminator 2, James Cameron…Hmmmmm

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    • Victor Hugo Gernt III You missed the part where I said comedy, didn’t you?

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    • Tim Pippin Not so funny. Not totally bad but not like the first.

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    • Adam Cravens

      I do enjoy some James Cameron. But he wouldn’t be my go to guy for original storytelling. Harlan Elison was settled out of court when the similarities between Terminator and his Outer Limits episode. He more or less just wrote Aliens as a female Rambo in the world of Alien, standing in for Vietnam, though since her wrote part of First Blood: Part II at least he’s ripping off his own material. Avatar is Dances with Wolves. It’s what he does when he reuses the material. The man can shoot action and edit a movie like no ones business. Terminator 2’s plot is more or less a rehash of the original Terminator, but it’s also the greatest Sci-Fi Action movie ever made. If you can’t improve on the material or at least match it in some way, just leave it alone. And it isn’t as if Hangover Part II somehow makes the first less funny or unoriginal, I just held it to a higher standard, but it’s the one that set the bar as high as it did.
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    • Logan Myers I’m just stated James Cameron as one of the few directors to make good sequels although very different from originals and arguably better(Terminator 2 no argument, but the ORIGINAL Alien is fucking perfect, Aliens is also fantastic, but with a different direction so I don’t even compare, BUT good sequels nonetheless. As a whole I don’t give a flying hoot aboot James Cameron.

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    • Adam Cravens I agree. Cameron knows how to rehash his material and make it feel fresh and exciting. And Alien and Aliens shouldn’t even be in the same genre at the video store (if those still existed) but I love them all the more on being such drastically different takes on the material. Cameron ,Coppola and Singer should teach a class on how to make good sequels. (As long as you ignore anything he says about Godfather Part III.)

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