Geek Chic: Superman vs. Superman Part III: The Daily Planet

August 8, 2011

This week we begin the look at the staff of the Daily Planet. Lois Lane will be first.  Margot Kidder and Kate Bosworth are kind of in the same boat for me. In the sense that I don’t like them. I have no clue why the most powerful man…

Not that one...

in the world would settle for these women. Kate Bosworth looks like she’s 14 and Margot Kidder is just irritating. The only Lois Lane that I have any kind of respect for is Teri Hatcher. Her character is occasionally dumbed down on the show, but out of the three I think she seems the most capable. She’s also the most attractive. She’s been with James Bond (Tomorrow Never Dies) and Superman (Lois and Clark)and was a guest star on Star Trek The Next Generation, Seinfeld and Quantum Leap. Do you have any clue how many fantasies that fulfills for me. (several for any interested parties.) So as far as that’s concerned Superman Returns and Superman: The Movie get no points with Lois and Clark getting all the points for that one.

Though I honestly feel like the winner here.

Perry White is quite a different story. I like all the actors and characters involved here. Jackie Cooper, Frank Langella and Lane Smith. All of them bring some interesting albeit different traits to the character but all seem to ring true amongst their respective actors. Frank Langella might edge the other two out if I had to pick just one of them, but I think that’s just my familiarity with his other work.  Lane Smith is funny but still commands respect when he needs to. Jackie Cooper is old school and occasionally spouts some yoda-esque isms about the newspaper business. Frank Langella is just what I’d expect from a man that runs a major metropolitan newspaper and still seems wisened by his years  as well as knowing his reporters strengths and weakness (and isn’t afraid to tell them the straight truth for that matter.) I award them all full points. Unlike the Lois’ that have been featured in most of the live action incarnations I didn’t find any of the Perrys mere distractions.

Cowboy Curtis is doing WHAT?!?

The Last one we deal with is Jimmy Olsen. I think this character is worthless in the comics and for the most part I think he’s pretty worthless in the movies as well. Sam Huntington and Marc McClure are both pretty valueless in the movies. They seems to exist as comic less relief or reasons to consume Superman’s time when he could be doing something much more important.

Why am I talking to this Gorilla again, JImmy?

I haven’t created any characters that are beloved or have been around in various media for over half of a century or more. I just don’t think Olsen has any place in the current incarnation. I’m supposing that he was put there as some sort of Avatar for the younger generation to place themselves upon. But why would I want to do that when I have Superman to look up to and avatate myself upon. But what do I know. The only incarnation of Jimmy Olsen that I really cared about was the original Jimmy Olsen on Lois and Clark. He was let go because he looked too much like Dean Cain (the gentleman responsible for the Clark Kent/Superman duties on the show.  Which is a terribly stupid reason to lose your job by the way.) I didn’t hate the new guy but it really wasn’t broke in the first place either. Micheal Landes is closer to I think the way that I would write the character while Justin Whalin is more of the traditional naïve Jimmy Olsen. Lois and Clark gets the big points for this category with Marc McClure getting the half point just because he was in Back to the Future as well. Sam Worthington, sorry, no points are awarded. I don’t dislike him as an actor, I just found him worthless in that movie.

So let’s take a look at where it sits. Superman Returns has 2 points, Lois and Clark has pulled ahead with 3 points and Superman: The Movie has a combined total of 2. Tune in again (or log on or whatever )to see how the Superman incarnations stack up in next weeks match up


2 Responses to “Geek Chic: Superman vs. Superman Part III: The Daily Planet”

  1. Nice article, I didn’t think much of Kate Bosworth as Lois in Superman Returns either, even my girlfriend agrees. I don’t know who would have been a better choice, and I’m sorry that Brandon Routh won’t be back for Man of Steel, but it’ll be interesting to see what the new cast and crew create.

    When was Teri Hatcher in Star Trek TNG? and why don’t I remember this?

  2. captainriker said

    Outrageous Okona, Lt. B.G. Robinson was the characters name. You don;t remember it because Okona is just a terrible episode and everyone that has ever seen it tries to immediately forget it. I like what I’ve seen from Man of Steel thus far (and Dark Knight Rises for that matter.)

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