Superman vs Superman: Part IV: The Clothes Make the Superman

August 15, 2011

They say the suit makes the man, and in Superman’s case, I suppose it isn’t any different. Who has the best Superman costume. Superman Returns is probably my least favorite.


Milk still does a body good though.


There’s a lot of things that I think they did with the costume that were really just for being different than what came before it. Raising the S, the belt buckle bearing the symbol, No yellow sun the Cape and the Boots looking like Nike made them…


Unless Ma Kent owns a sweat shop, I don't see how we arrived here.


as well as the collar being so tight. I don’t hate costume, I just don’t think all of the decisions were made for the right reasons. The Cain costume I think actually made a couple of improvements over the Reeve costume, though the fact that it’s a television show and not a major motion picture really does show sometimes. The darkened colors look better than the lighter ones that are associated with the Reeve costume. There are some incarnations of the costume early on that I didn’t like but the one that the show eventually went with I really did like.


Too bad they didn't spend more money on Cain's acting lessons.


I also like the difference in the hair between Kent and Superman. The slicked back hair suited the character well (though really could we not have a spit curl up front?)



and in no surprise to anyone the Reeve costume is my favorite. Ive actually got to see the one used in the original up close (they wouldn’t let me put it on sadly) but its construction was obviously meant to hold up to greater scrutiny (and several films) and is my favorite incarnation in any form of the costume. The hair, the actor, the costume, just everything works here.


Mathematically proven to kick seven a**es.


I first mentioned that Christopher Reeve is the best Superman. I stand by that. but I also forgot to add some points appropriately. Christopher gets 2 points for being the best (its more because its frigging Superman, if he doesn’t work, the rest of the surrounding is kind of moot.) I did actually like Brandon Routh as Superman, but I think his performance was more of an imitation than an original performance, so in no insult to him, I give 1 point to Dean Cain and half a point to Routh. I think all of them, much like my opinion of the Perrys made valid additions to the mythos, but Christopher Reeve was even good in the bad Superman films.


I don't want to kick a dead horse...wait, why was Superman inside that nuclear missile in the background?


Superman Returns has 2.5, Lois and Clark has 4.5 and Superman: The Movie has 4.5. So at the end of the day, it ends in a tie. There are a lot of things I like about Lois and Clark. There are a lot of things that I don’t. The final two seasons are pretty terrible and a lot of the villains they go with are just terrible even if you go easy on them. I think they wanted to kind of go for what Adam West’s Batman show achieved but they just weren’t getting the same caliber of actor, and it suffered because of this. I also don’t think you had a very strong voice as far as the executive producer was concerned and it made the show a little listless toward it end. And I still hate the fact that it ended on a cliffhanger. And seeing as how its been 14 years since it went off the air, I don’t think were getting a made for TV movie wrap up for it. Superman Returns will never get to correct the mistakes it made coming out of the gate or a chance to compete or fill in any of loose threads. With a production budget of 232 million dollars and a final tally of 450 million (after DVD and various home video profits are taken into account) it certainly turned a profit. I love that we live in a world were half a billion dollars just isn’t enough. Superman: The Movie, even with its nonsensical ending, is my favorite incarnation of the character. I don’t think Superman II is shot as well and lacks a lot of the scope that the first film had in spades. That’s what happens when you hire Lester instead of Donner. Quick list me 5 other movies that Lester did that don’t have Musketeer in the title? Yeah you cant can you? Don’t feel bad, he isn’t really that talented. It’s a good thing he had all of that preexisting footage that Donner shot to get him out of the hole he would have likely but the movie in had he had a Superman film all to himself (see Superman III, or don’t really.) if I had to pick just one incarnation, this would be the one. It’s the one that enchanted me as a child and the one that still enchants me as an adult. Even with Christopher Nolan (an immensely talented and brilliant filmmaker, responsible for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) attached to produce, he’s got some ways to go if he wants to make the definitive Superman film as well.


One Response to “Superman vs Superman: Part IV: The Clothes Make the Superman”

  1. I think we can agree that Reeve’s costume is the yard strick by whick all others are measured.
    I liked elements of the Superman returns outfit, The s-shield on the belt was a little tacky, and the revamped s-shield overall I thought wasn’t quite right, but it seems none of the live action supermen have ever used the DC s-shield, it’s always been changed or adapted, why can’t they just use the one DC put on the comic books?
    As for the rest- if we forget the idea that Ma Kent made the costume and go with the idea that it wad mde in the fortress from some fantastic kryptonian fabric (they played it that way in last episode of smallville), it’s self made up of little s-shields, I think that’s pretty cool.
    I agree that the darker colours from the Lois & Clark version looked better, and I liked Dean Caine as Clark Kent, although he was a bit of a woose a superman and the s-shield was waaay too big.

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